Our teachers and workshop leaders have crafted a set of classes which provide a comprehensive study of core Blues dance concepts, as well as the chance to learn new skills to share.

A key feature of the weekend will be an extended two-hour intensive focusing solely on dancing in close embrace. Led by Kara and Evan, dancers will explore the different connections, movements and choices available to both partners within close embrace. As an opportunity for reflection and experimentation, this workshop will challenge and extend the skill-set for every attending dancer.

Our other workshops explore the following concepts:

Each dancer will be placed into one of two streams. These streams are not leveled – they are simply to reduce class sizes and provide a more comfortable environment for experimentation and growth. Dancers in both streams will cover the same material during the Retreat. There will also be several evening classes that won’t be streamed to give everyone the opportunity to learn together.

Note: teacher training will take place on the Monday morning (or early afternoon).