The Dreamers

Rebecca and Sibby (left-to-right above) dreamed of hosting a boutique dance event in the picturesque South Island that would gather and inspire passionate Blues dancers from around Aotearoa (and beyond).

As experienced organisers within (and without) the swing dance community in NZ, Sibby and Rebecca are proud to present the Karitane Blues Retreat. It is their hope that every participant will leave feeling refreshed and motivated to continue growing as dancers who build into the local Blues dance scene.

The Volunteer Superheroes

This event is only possible through the help of our generous volunteers. The list keeps growing so keep an eye out as more names are added!

Key Masters: To be announced. Each accommodation site will have a volunteer in charge of (un)locking accommodation each morning/evening as we move between activities. They are also the first who you can report accommodation issues to!

Safety Team: To be announced. A team of volunteers and organisers who are committed to making this retreat a safer space.

Swing Riot Dunedin

This wouldn’t be possible without the partnership of Swing Riot Dunedin and the OUSA Vintage and Swing Society. Thank you for believing in the dream!